Welcome to Big Finish Folly

Indeed. Welcome. Welcome. Be seated. Have a brew.

What exactly is Big Finish Folly? Good question. BFF is a misguided and almost certainly doomed attempt to listen to, and then review, the entire output of the Big Finish range of Doctor Who audio plays (incorporating those featuring the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors only, since even I have to impose some sensible limits) in chronological order. Thus, beginning with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, and ending up with the Eighth Doctor, Lucie Miller, and the new Dark Eyes series.

There are several flaws with this approach. Firstly, at a rate of one play a week, it’ll take me the best part of four years to get close to the finish line. Second, and rather obviously, Big Finish aren’t done yet. I’m going to come across more temporal anomalies than the good Doctor himself has had hot dinners. But if I’m going to do something quixotic, it might as well be something fun…!

The first 80 or so reviews initially appeared on a different blog.


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