William Gallagher

Nothing To Declare

Big Finish Folly, Part 128 – Spaceport Fear, by William Gallagher

Spaceport FearWelcome to Tantane Spaceport. You’ll love the facilities. The moving walls, designed to segregate all potentially dangerous arrivals from the populace at large. The grav-rail train – it may work again, one day. The ambient darkness, which disguises the centuries of neglect. The tribes of the descendants of stranded passengers, reduced to eking out pathetic existences in the remains of the lounges and tunnels. The Wailers. God help you if you ever come across the Wailers. So… Economy or Business? Be careful, the wrong answer might mean more than just an uncomfortable seat… (more…)


Hyderabad, We have a problem…

We’re running late again – apologies once more, but I’ve suddenly got rather more projects on the hob than I realised. Between the day job, the new novel project, editing the current novel project for publication this year, and the forthcoming SFSF Social event, I’ve had precious little time for what is more a hobby than anything else. (It’s also more than a bit off-putting to watch one BF Facebook fan-group, which seems intolerant of people with learning difficulties & autistic identities, slag off the members of another BF Facebook fan-group that doesn’t suffer from that intolerance.)

Anyhow, let’s leave all that aside for now and re-focus on the matter at hand: the grand climax of Flip’s arc with the Sixth Doctor. William Gallagher has written it – he put the poor girl through the wringer last time – what’s he going to do to her this time?

Big Finish Folly, Part 119 – Scavenger, by William Gallagher

ScavengerEarth, 2071. Orbital space is filled with junk – dead satellites, old booster rockets – and it threatens the space programme. The Indian Space Agency is taking the lead in removing that junk, using its new Salvage 2 rocket. Witnessing the events from a space station is photographer Jyoti Cutler – and a couple of uninvited guests and their big blue police box… (more…)

Loched Up

Big Finish Folly, Part 116 – Wirrn Isle, by William Gallagher

Wirrn IsleWhile visiting the recolonised Earth, Flip accidentally triggers a transmat from Nerva City to a house on the frozen and desolate shores of Loch Lomond. There, Roger and Veronica Buchman are setting up home for the second time, haunted by the loss of their son Iron fifteen years ago. But though Iron might be dead, it appears that he is not gone entirely – a fact that Roger is all too aware of. And under the icy loch, frozen for centuries, lie the Wirrn. They’ve been waiting for Roger too… (more…)

Big Finish Folly, Part 15

The Demons of Red Lodge, and other stories – by Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher, & John Dorney

“Season 3″ of Big Finish Folly climaxes with another collection of single-episode stories by a host of writers – though this time, unlike Circular Time, there is no thematic arc to bind them together. That makes this more of a mixed bag, but there are still some high points to run through. (more…)