White Guardian

Ad Astra!

Big Finish Folly, Part 52 – The Chaos Pool, by Peter Anghelides

Chaos Pool coverAs the universe barrels rapidly to an undignified end, the Doctor and Amy (no, not that one…) must locate the last segment of the Key to Time – and the Chaos Pool, where everything will be unmade… (more…)


40 Kinds of Delight

Big Finish Folly, Part 51 – The Destroyer of Delights, by Jonathan Clements

destroyer of delightsWith two pieces of the Key to Time still to find, the Doctor and Amy are forced to team up with the Black Guardian to continue their desperate search, and so it’s off to 9th century Sudan for our intrepid time travellers – where Amy is mistaken for a slave, the Doctor is mistaken for a teller of unlikely stories, and the Sultan Cassim Ali Baba is something altogether darker… And there’s still no sign of that elusive fifth segment…. (more…)