The Forge

Project: Destiny

Big Finish Folly, Part 161 – Project: Destiny, by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Project: Destiny1999: Leaving her infant son behind, a young mother named Cassandra Schofield departs Bolton, seeking a better life amid the lights of London.

2004: Despite the best efforts of the time-travelling Doctor, ‘Cassie’ Schofield dies on Dartmoor, a vampirised victim of the sinister organisation called The Forge.

2021: All grown up, and a nurse at St Gart’s Hospital, Thomas Hector Schofield – known as ‘Hex’ – meets, and becomes a companion to, that time-travelling Doctor… but remains unaware that his alien friend knew his mother, and watched her die.

1854: In the Crimean War, Hex takes a bullet, and is seriously injured. The Doctor promises to return him to St Gart’s.

2025: Now. In a London ravaged by a deadly contagion… destiny awaits. (more…)



Big Finish Folly, Part 154 – No Man’s Land, by Martin Day

No Man's LandIt is 1917 and the Doctor, Hex and Ace find themselves in a military hospital in northern France. But the terrifying, relentless brutality of the Great War that wages only a few miles away is the least of their concerns.
The travellers become metaphysical detectives when the Doctor receives orders to investigate a murder. A murder that has yet to be committed…
Who will be the victim? Who will be the murderer? What is the real purpose of the Hate Room? Can the Doctor solve the mystery before the simmering hate and anger at Charnage hospital erupts into a frenzy of violence?


Harvest For The World

Big Finish Folly, Part 149 – The Harvest, by Dan Abnett

The HarvestLondon, 2021. St Gart’s Hospital is a technological wonder, administrated by the all-seeing System. Thomas Hector Schofield, one of the hospital’s A&E nurses, is about to begin celebrating his birthday when one of his best friends is wheeled in after an RTA. When that friend is declared dead and his body disappears, and the young temp from HR, McShane, asks Schofield to help her access the hospital’s restricted floors, it’s just the beginning of a bad week for “Hex”. Because there’s something sinister happening up on the 30th floor of St Gart’s, and the men behind it will do anything to protect the Euro Combine Health Administration’s investment in Program C. And as the hospital’s mild-mannered janitor knows full well, resistance is futile… (more…)

Blood Relatives

Big Finish Folly, Part 126 – Thicker Than Water, by Paul Sutton

Thicker Than WaterNeedled into returning to Vilag, three years after the Killoran invasion was defeated, the Doctor has only intended to say hello to his former companion Evelyn Smythe to prove a point to his current companion, Melanie Bush. But where there’s a Doctor, there’s danger – and this time it could be that only the Doctor can save both Evelyn and Vilag itself from a new catastrophe… (more…)

Forging On… (Part One)

Big Finish Folly, Part 89a – Project: Lazarus, by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Unfinished business. A frightened girl is stalked in a land of eternal night. A hunter longs for recognition and power. A traveller in time returns to correct the mistakes of the past and faces a danger that could rob him of his future. Unless his future intervenes. And in the shadows stands Nimrod. Waiting…

Welcome to the Forge. (more…)

Don’t Fear The Reaping?

Big Finish Folly, Part 69 – The Reaping, by Joseph Lidster

Baltimore, 1984. Time for Peri to see how life has moved on without her. Unfortunately, her mother is none too pleased to see her: Peri’s disappearance hastened the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, and Peri herself has turned up just in time to interrupt the funeral of a murdered family friend… (more…)

Big Finish Folly, Part 44

Late again this week, due to the neccessities of having to deal with far too many people who still haven’t got the hang of Christmas shopping (c’mon folks, it happens every year after all – is it really so difficult to get organised and communicate with the rest of the family so you don’t all go out and buy THE EXACT SAME BLOODY THING FIVE TIMES OVER for cousin Barry? God ‘elp us if there’s a war.)

Ahem. Anyway, onwards and upwards. (more…)