Robert Ross

Wilde about Abe

Big Finish Folly, Part 95 – Assassin in the Limelight, by Robert Ross

Assassin in the LimelightBackstage at Ford’s Theatre, the night before Abraham Lincoln’s fateful visit. The Doctor and Evelyn have arrived to witness history in action. And so has one Oscar Wilde, fresh from England’s sunny shores. Except – the real Oscar Wilde is still in short trousers and learning joined-up writing. So who is this imposter, who has just murdered John Wilkes Booth before he can shoot President Lincoln?

Well, helloooo….. (more…)


Hold Your Hudd Up

Big Finish Folly, Part 92 – Pier Pressure, by Robert Ross

Everybody needs a holiday. The Doctor needs one more than most. So where better to dip one’s toes into the deep twinkling blue than Brighton Beach? There’s always fun to be had at the end of the pier… unless the resident stage magician has been taken over by foul, evil forces, that is. But you just have to laugh, really, especially if your guide for this evening’s promenade along the pier is none other than the cheeky chappy Max Miller himself… (more…)

Feeling a Right Burke

Big Finish Folly, Part 91 – Medicinal Purposes, by Robert Ross

Welcome to Edinburgh. Note, if you will, the blood-soaked cobbles near the cattle market; the noose and gibbet outside The Last Drop; the body slumped in the alley just over there; and, of course, the wonderful graveyard, replete with disinterred coffins. Now, see the house of Dr Knox – there it is! And now it isn’t! What do you mean, houses aren’t supposed to do that…? (more…)