Paul Magrs

The Peterloo Massacre

Big Finish Folly, Part 18b – The Peterloo Massacre, by Paul Magrs

The Peterloo Massacre“They say there’ll be thousands pouring into Manchester tomorrow. From all over the county, north and south. It’ll be a piece of history. People will remember this!”

Lost in the smog of the Industrial Revolution, the TARDIS crashes four miles south of Manchester, in the grounds of Hurley Hall – a grand mansion belonging to a local factory owner, a proudly self-made man. But while Hurley dreams of growing richer still on the wealth of secret knowledge locked up in the Doctor’s time and space machine, his servants hope only for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. His young maid Cathy, for instance, whom Nyssa learns is looking forward to joining the working people’s march to St Peter’s Field, in the heart of the city. There’ll be speeches and banners and music. It’ll be like one big jamboree…

Or so she thinks. For the city’s establishment have called in their own private militia, to control the crowd. One of the darkest days in Manchester’s history is about to unfold – and the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan are right in the thick of it. (more…)


Life On Magrs

We’ve fallen behind again, mostly due to being permanently tired, so it’s just as well that this time there’s two linked plays to offer up. Careful with that arch attitude, Eugene, let’s set the controls for the heart of Paul Magrs…

Big Finish Folly, Part 127 – The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box, by Paul Magrs

The Wishing BeastWhen the Tardis recieves a strange message from an asteroid in the middle of nowhere, the very last thing The Doctor and Mel expect to find is a quaint old cottage inhabited by two elderly sisters who serve up tea and cake, hoover up ghosts, and offer Mel the chance to gain her heart’s dearest wish. Surely there’s something else going on here. And yes, deep in the woods, there’s a terrible beast that is waiting to feast upon the unwary – once it has eaten the Doctor whole, of course… (more…)

Diet of Worms and Wild Thyme

Big Finish Folly, Part 71 – The Wormery, by Paul Magrs & Stephen Cole

Bianca’s. It’s a nightclub with a Certain Reputation: only those with an invite can get through the doors. Scientists, politicians, soldiers – they all come here for whispered conversations, strong drink, and the charms of the eponymous hostess. The Doctor doesn’t have an invite. Neither does Iris Wildthyme. Oh dear: that spells trouble. Hold on to something – but not the Doctor. He doesn’t like that. (more…)

No Mercia

Big Finish Folly, Part 28b – The Lady of Mercia, by Paul Magrs

The Lady of MerciaStaying with the Peter Davison triptych, here’s a twist on the traditional historical adventure. Scientists at the University of Frodsham have discovered a crude method of time travel and plan to use it to bring historical artifacts into the present day to study them close up. Such vortex-meddling of course alerts the Doctor who, under the pretence of attending a symposium on 11th century English queens, moves in to investigate. But if the audience is shown a rogue time machine in the first act, it must neccessarily be fired by the third act – and suddenly Tegan is in mortal danger….. (more…)

Excelis Dawns…

Excelis Dawns, by Paul Magrs

The planet Artaris is a savage. backward-sliding world, long past its civilised height. Now the population is ruled over by brutal warlords who dream of discovering the long-lost Relic that will give them immortal life. One such warlord is Grayvorn, who is trekking towards the nunnery atop the mountain of Excelis when he encounters an intriguing man who has a vegetable pinned to his lapel…


Big Finish Folly, Part 10

Whoah. We’re into double figures here. Hands up if you didn’t expect me to be able to carry on this far. Anyway, after the shock ending of the last episode, it’s back to Victorian London we go, and to an experiment that is about to go very badly wrong… (more…)