Marty Ross

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Big Finish Folly, Part 163 – Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge, by Marty Ross

Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge1934: the TARDIS lands on a snowy island off the coast of Alaska – one that wasn’t there four years, three months and six days ago, according to the Doctor. The island is dominated by a vast, twisted citadel. Inside it, the Lurkers lie dreaming.  It’s said when they wake the world will end…

Led by the ruthless Emerson Whytecrag, an expedition has come to the citadel to exploit the horrors in its ebon-dark interior. Horrors just like those published in the pages of the pulp magazine Shuddersome Tales, where a hero’s only reward is madness, death… or worse.

Horrors that the Doctor and his companion are about to wake up. (more…)


Ministry of Night

Big Finish Folly, Part 109 – Night’s Black Agents, by Marty Ross

Night's Black AgentsHaving escaped from Grangemouth, and in search of the Tardis, which has disappeared, the Doctor and Jamie encounter the sinister Reverend Merodach of Lammermoor. Merodach has the Tardis, and he wants the secrets held within it. He will torture the Doctor to gain these secrets, and he will bring all the pain of hell below to bear to get his own way. For Merodach is night’s own black agent… (more…)