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More States of Decay

Big Finish Folly, Part 29f – The Entropy Plague, by Jonathan Morris The Entropy PlagueE-Space is failing fast – the end is nigh. As the stars disappear and the universe goes cold and empty, the Doctor faces two urgent missions – to rescue Tegan, and to find a CVE that will return them all safely to N-Space. Fortunately, he can achieve both aims on the same planet – Apollyon. But it’s not going to be that easy. The Gang of Four aren’t the only ones who want to escape from E-Space, and every time the CVE is opened it destroys a little more of what time E-Space still has. Entropy cannot be denied… and this time, perhaps the Doctor himself will fall victim to it… (more…)


Balancing Act

Big Finish Folly, Part 29e – Equilibrium, by Matt Fitton

EquilibriumFollowing the trail of the missing Tardis component, the Doctor and his companions crash through an energy barrier and arrive on the bell-jar mini-world of Isenfell, which is locked into a perpetual winter. While the Doctor struggles to make sense of Isenfell’s obsession with balance, Tegan and Nyssa explore the castle’s icy cellars, and Turlough fends off the advances of a bloodthirsty princess, the end of the world is coming… (more…)

Play Misty For Me

Big Finish Folly, Part 29d – Mistfall, by Andrew Smith

MistfallAs a result of a rogue program that Adric left running before his death, the Tardis falls through a Charged Vacuum Emboitment into E-Space – and lands on Alzarius once more. Worried that Mistfall might occur whilst they are stranded here, the Doctor realises that a survey and exploration team is also on Alzarius, and that they are running experiments on the native Marshmen. But somebody is sabotaging the expedition – and the Marshmen are awakening… (more…)

The Prodigal Prodigy

Big Finish Folly, Part 28c – Prisoners of Fate, by Jonathan Morris

Concluding this year’s arc of Fifth Doctor adventures, Nyssa finally confronts the legacy of the virus that first brought her back on board the Tardis (Cobwebs): the crew find themselves pulled off-course to the world of Valderon, where a team of scientists has spent years developing ant-viral treatments with the reluctant help of the planet’s prison population. The team’s leader, Adric, is both surprised and delighted to see Nyssa – after all, his mother has been missing presumed dead for twenty-five years… (more…)

No Mercia

Big Finish Folly, Part 28b – The Lady of Mercia, by Paul Magrs

The Lady of MerciaStaying with the Peter Davison triptych, here’s a twist on the traditional historical adventure. Scientists at the University of Frodsham have discovered a crude method of time travel and plan to use it to bring historical artifacts into the present day to study them close up. Such vortex-meddling of course alerts the Doctor who, under the pretence of attending a symposium on 11th century English queens, moves in to investigate. But if the audience is shown a rogue time machine in the first act, it must neccessarily be fired by the third act – and suddenly Tegan is in mortal danger….. (more…)

Number Five is Alive!

Taking a quick break from our chronological trawl through the Sixth Doctor’s Main Range adventures, it’s time to go back to Peter Davison’s tenure and the latest three chapters of the continuing Nyssa/Tegan/Turlough arc (which began with Cobwebs and was last covered with The Butcher of Brisbane). If these three are going to live up to the standard set by last year’s triptych, they’re going to have to start with one heck of a blast…

Big Finish Folly, Part 28a – Eldrad Must Die! by Marc Platt

After encountering Magnus Greel, the Doctor must do battle with another of his old adversaries – Eldrad of Kastria, last seen falling into an abyss in The Hand of Fear. Of course dying from that sort of height is quite passé these days and no self-respecting villainous megalomaniac would be seen um… dead… yeah. I’ll stop. (more…)

Big Finish Folly, Part 32 – Turlough’s End

Here we go then – the last (chronologically) recorded appearance of Vislor Turlough in the Big Finish canon. After this, he’s off to the big Planet of Fire in the sky…

Singularity, by James Swallow

Russia, the near future. It’s cold and unwelcoming, a bit like the atmosphere between Turlough and the Doctor. But more important than that is the unexpected rise of the Somnus Foundation, a quasi-religious institute which promises eternal life and teaches that mankind will rise to godhood amongst the stars. Yet is this the way the human race will develop? The Doctor does not believe so – but time itself is fracturing, and different possibilities fight for survival. If the Doctor is to save the future, he must also sacrifice it…


Big Finish Folly, Part 30 – One Man & His Coward

OK, I guess I’m being somewhat unfair here: the titular coward is none other than Vislor Turlough, and while his character was a charter member of the Self-Preservation Society, he is certainly not a coward. He never really wants to get into the situations he finds himself mired in but, whether he wills it or no, he always deals with the consequences.

Well, almost always…


Big Finish Folly, Part 28

The Butcher of Brisbane, by Marc Platt

I think I’ve said before that Doctor Who works best when it borrows liberally from other sources (cf The Emerald Tiger, or Ben Aaronovitch’s The Also People). This play riffs cleverly on Blade Runner, Mad Max, Tank Girl, and DW’s own illustrious history to produce a tense and rather clever tale that threatens dire repercussions further down the line.