Louise Jameson

Snow Fun

Big Finish Folly, Part 106c – Shield of the Jotunn, by Ian Edginton

Shield of the JötunnWhen a blast of artron energy brings the Tardis to Earth in 2029AD, the Doctor finds snowstorms and a Viking burial mound in Arizona. But all is most definitely not what it seems here – behind the nano-tech environmental control experiments of Dr Hugo Macht is a piece of technology that, rather than helping to save the world, could end up destroying it. It’s up to Constance Clarke and the Doctor to work out the story of the Shield of the Jotunn – and to hold back an eternal winter if they can… (more…)


The Light at the End

This is not a weekend for continuity. This is a weekend for celebrating 50 years of what is almost certainly the best TV show (and not forgetting also: books, feature films, audio productions, comic strips, stage plays – the list goes ever on) ever created. And for those who would rather point out the long hiatus between 1989 and 2005, I say again – books, feature films, audio productions, comic strips, stage plays – Doctor Who may have been off-screen for 16 years, but never once has it been dead.

Because Big Finish Folly is dedicated to the continuing audio adventures of Doctors 5-8, it makes a fair degree of sense for me to focus on Big Finish’s epic multi-Doctor celebration story – The Light At The End. Eight Doctors. The Master. More companions than you can shake a stick at. And a story full of twists, turns and perils. Read on below, but be warned – here be spoilers… (more…)