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Big Finish Folly, Part 0D – The Contingency Club, by Phil Mulryne

The Contingency ClubLondon, 1864 – where any gentleman befitting the title ‘gentleman’ belongs to a gentlemen’s club: The Reform, The Athenaeum, The Carlton, The Garrick… and, of course, The Contingency. Newly established in St James’, The Contingency has quickly become the most exclusive enclave in town. A refuge for men of politics, men of science, men of letters. A place to escape. A place to think. A place to be free.

The first rule of the Contingency is to behave like a gentleman. The second is to pay no heed to its oddly identical servants. Or to the horror in its cellars. Or to the existence of the secret gallery on its upper floor… Rules that the Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan are all about to break. (more…)


Project: Destiny

Big Finish Folly, Part 161 – Project: Destiny, by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Project: Destiny1999: Leaving her infant son behind, a young mother named Cassandra Schofield departs Bolton, seeking a better life amid the lights of London.

2004: Despite the best efforts of the time-travelling Doctor, ‘Cassie’ Schofield dies on Dartmoor, a vampirised victim of the sinister organisation called The Forge.

2021: All grown up, and a nurse at St Gart’s Hospital, Thomas Hector Schofield – known as ‘Hex’ – meets, and becomes a companion to, that time-travelling Doctor… but remains unaware that his alien friend knew his mother, and watched her die.

1854: In the Crimean War, Hex takes a bullet, and is seriously injured. The Doctor promises to return him to St Gart’s.

2025: Now. In a London ravaged by a deadly contagion… destiny awaits. (more…)

Harvest For The World

Big Finish Folly, Part 149 – The Harvest, by Dan Abnett

The HarvestLondon, 2021. St Gart’s Hospital is a technological wonder, administrated by the all-seeing System. Thomas Hector Schofield, one of the hospital’s A&E nurses, is about to begin celebrating his birthday when one of his best friends is wheeled in after an RTA. When that friend is declared dead and his body disappears, and the young temp from HR, McShane, asks Schofield to help her access the hospital’s restricted floors, it’s just the beginning of a bad week for “Hex”. Because there’s something sinister happening up on the 30th floor of St Gart’s, and the men behind it will do anything to protect the Euro Combine Health Administration’s investment in Program C. And as the hospital’s mild-mannered janitor knows full well, resistance is futile… (more…)

Action and Counter-Action

We leap ahead a bit now, past Mel’s onscreen exit and Ace’s onscreen introduction (which were the same story, if I remember correctly) and take on Sophie Aldred’s very long run for Big Finish in the role of the Nitro Nine loving lightning rod. There’s a case for heading straight into the Lost Stories that would have followed Survival, but I’m putting the last part of the 50th anniversary trilogy right here first…

Big Finish Folly, Part 139 – 1963: The Assassination Games, by John Dorney

1963: The Assassination GamesLondon. The end of November, 1963. A time of change. The old guard are being swept away by the white heat of technology. Political scandals are the talk of the town. Britain tries to maintain its international role; fanatics assassinate charismatic politicians and Group Captain Ian Gilmore is trying to get his fledgling Counter-Measures unit off the ground.

When his life is saved by a familiar umbrella-bearing figure, he knows something terrible is going on.  Whilst Rachel investigates an enigmatic millionaire and Allison goes undercover in an extremist organisation, Gilmore discovers a sinister plot with roots a century old.

The Doctor and Ace are back in town. A new dawn is coming. It’s time for everyone… to see the Light. (more…)

Economy of the Daleks!

Big Finish Folly, Part 136 – We Are The Daleks, by Jonathan Morris

We Are The DaleksIt’s 1987, and Britain is a boomtown economy! Yet there’s trouble afoot – deep in the heart of Bradford, an electronics factory has been taken over by mysterious new owners who are pumping out a massively advanced computer game called Warfleet. And in London itself, reclusive entrepreneur Alek Zenos is offering Britain a New Deal with his equally mysterious business partners. Actually, not that mysterious – but utterly terrifying: the Daleks want to give the Conservatives an economic miracle? We’re doomed… (more…)

Return of the Artless Dodger

Big Finish Folly, Part 96 – The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, by Jonathan Morris

There’s a new face in town, upsetting all the kneecappers. The Doctor – gunrunner extraordinaire. Modern crime, Edwardian style. And when the real Doctor and Evelyn are nabbed by DI Menzies for crimes they have not committed, they quickly realise that fings are not wot they seem (although that might also have something to do with the giant robotic insects chasing them across the city). Guess who’s back? Shady’s back. No, wait, that’s not quite right…. (more…)

Big Finish Folly, Part 30 – One Man & His Coward

OK, I guess I’m being somewhat unfair here: the titular coward is none other than Vislor Turlough, and while his character was a charter member of the Self-Preservation Society, he is certainly not a coward. He never really wants to get into the situations he finds himself mired in but, whether he wills it or no, he always deals with the consequences.

Well, almost always…