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Ad(ric) Astra!

The Fifth Doctor Box SetWay back at the start of this slightly bonkers endeavour, I had a numbering system. I based that numbering system on the earliest (chronologically speaking) Fifth Doctor play in the Big Finish monthly range – featuring Nyssa only, just after Tegan’s departure in Time-Flight – I did so secure in the knowledge that BF would never get Matthew Waterhouse on board to reprise his role as Adric. More fool me, obviously, as now my numbering system has collapsed beyond repair. Perhaps Adric the maths geek would sympathise. Anyhow, it’s happened: it’s a Fifth Doctor box set featuring Adric, Nyssa and Tegan, it’s dark as hell, nobody’s having any fun, and it’s brilliant – it’s like 1981 all over again! (more…)