Hayley Atwell


Ton up! The Folly has hit 100 posts! Well, technically we’ve already reached that milestone, thanks to the necessities of having to fit in Davison & Baker tales that came out after we’d passed them in the chronology, if you see what I mean, but still – this is post 100, excluding all the timey-wimey stuff!

Big Finish Folly, Part 100 – The Doomwood Curse, by Jacqueline Rayner

The Doomwood CurseWho’d have thought that attempting to return a book to a library would cause an entire timeline to collapse in upon itself? Not the Doctor, and certainly not Charlotte Pollard, who has come across the aforementioned overdue gothic romance in the Tardis Library. But when the book is damaged, the hunt for a pristine first edition replacement becomes a desperate race against time to prevent the legendary outlaw Dick Turpin from reaching the gates of the city of York – where Charlotte Pollard will meet her end… (more…)