Francesca Hunt

Wigging Out

Big Finish Folly, Part 15d – Masquerade, by Stephen Cole

MasqueradeThe Marquise de Rimdelle has visitors! Though her grand estate is flooded with an eerie fog, Voltaire’s friend The Doctor has ventured out from Paris with his young ward and her governess. Joy! Conversation, games, scandal! But it’s not just the liaisons that are dangerous – the bizarre mechanical Steamroller Man circles the estate, there’s an invisible dead man in the shifting corridors of the cellar, and the Maschera are behind it all… (more…)


Doomy Tomby

Big Finish Folly, Part 15c – Tomb Ship, by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby

Tomb ShipHard on the heels of their visit to Nathaniel Whitlock’s safari, the Doctor and Nyssa arrive in the dark interior of one of the fabled ark-tombs of the Arrit God-Kings, which drift through deep interstellar space waiting for revival and resurrection. Spooky enough, but Team Tardis is not alone – matriarchal tomb raider Virna has brought some of her sons to break in and claim the prize she has sought for years. But the road to that treasure is fraught with traps, tests and trials, and it will take all of the Doctor’s ingenuity to get through to the central chamber alive. And, waiting in the wings, is an explorer whose bravery rivals that of Indiana Jones…

Spoilers… (more…)

Hunter’s Moon

Now seems as good as place as any – whilst the Sixth Doctor is “between companions,” so to speak – to jump back in time once more to the excellent Five/Nyssa partnership, last seen of course in the 50th Anniversary festivities. I’m placing this latest trilogy of plays right after 1001 Nights in the chronology, which means that I’m probably going to have to break that very long “Season 3” up into two parts rather soon… but enough of my wittering. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Big Finish Folly, Part 15b – Moonflesh, by Mark Morris

MoonfleshSuffolk, 1911. Home of… well, whatever lives in Suffolk. And elephants, tigers, gorillas and lions, oh my. The Tardis tips up at the grand estate of Nathaniel Whitlock, noted explorer and big game hunter, just as the man himself is welcoming guests to his next fund-raising shoot. But there’s more than one big game afoot, and the Doctor is drawn to the stone known as the Moonflesh, discovered by Whitlock’s retainer Silver Crow. And somebody else in the party covets the Moonflesh for their own purposes…  (more…)