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Economy of the Daleks!

Big Finish Folly, Part 136 – We Are The Daleks, by Jonathan Morris

We Are The DaleksIt’s 1987, and Britain is a boomtown economy! Yet there’s trouble afoot – deep in the heart of Bradford, an electronics factory has been taken over by mysterious new owners who are pumping out a massively advanced computer game called Warfleet. And in London itself, reclusive entrepreneur Alek Zenos is offering Britain a New Deal with his equally mysterious business partners. Actually, not that mysterious – but utterly terrifying: the Daleks want to give the Conservatives an economic miracle? We’re doomed… (more…)


Cel-e-brate! Cel-e-brate!

Big Finish Folly, Part 87 – Jubilee, by Robert Shearman

JubileeAaaaand we are back. Casting off the hiatus like Lazarus and his crutch, let us dive headlong into the first of a new batch of stories featuring Old Sixey and Evelyn Smythe. Well, I say new, but Jubilee dates back to January 2003 and is actually the seed from which the ’05 Nu-Who TV story Dalek was germinated. So hang on tight chums, as we explode down an alternate timestream – we are off to an almighty celebration! (more…)