Arabian Nights

40 Kinds of Delight

Big Finish Folly, Part 51 – The Destroyer of Delights, by Jonathan Clements

destroyer of delightsWith two pieces of the Key to Time still to find, the Doctor and Amy are forced to team up with the Black Guardian to continue their desperate search, and so it’s off to 9th century Sudan for our intrepid time travellers – where Amy is mistaken for a slave, the Doctor is mistaken for a teller of unlikely stories, and the Sultan Cassim Ali Baba is something altogether darker… And there’s still no sign of that elusive fifth segment…. (more…)


Big Finish Folly, Part 15a – 1001 Nights

1001 Nights CoverWe’re running late this week, for which I can only apologise, as Real Life has inevitably gotten in the way of my schedule as it always does at this time of year (I hate Christmas). But while I try to convince another set of non-believers that no, Skyfall hasn’t come out on DVD yet fergawdsake, Big Finish Folly skips back in time once more to the end of “Season Three” of the Fifth Doctor’s tales… (more…)