Month: April 2016

Timey Wimey Crimey

Big Finish Folly, Part 141 – Crime of the Century, by Andrew Cartmel

Crime of the CenturyThe year is 1989. In London, safe cracker Raine Creevy breaks into a house – and finds more than the family jewels.

In the Middle East, the kingdom of Sayf Udeen is being terrorised by Soviet invaders and alien monsters.

And on the Scottish border, a highly guarded facility contains an advanced alien weapon.

These are all part of the Doctor’s masterplan. But masterplans can go awry… (more…)


Ice Heist Baby

Big Finish Folly, Part 140 – Thin Ice, by Marc Platt

Thin IceMoscow 1967. The Doctor and Ace have arrived behind the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union is seeking a new weapon that will give it mastery in the Cold War.

What is the secret of the Martian relics? As the legendary War Lord Sezhyr returns to life, the Doctor is faced with some of his oldest and deadliest enemies.

The fate of Earth – and the future of Ace – are now intertwined… (more…)

Action and Counter-Action

We leap ahead a bit now, past Mel’s onscreen exit and Ace’s onscreen introduction (which were the same story, if I remember correctly) and take on Sophie Aldred’s very long run for Big Finish in the role of the Nitro Nine loving lightning rod. There’s a case for heading straight into the Lost Stories that would have followed Survival, but I’m putting the last part of the 50th anniversary trilogy right here first…

Big Finish Folly, Part 139 – 1963: The Assassination Games, by John Dorney

1963: The Assassination GamesLondon. The end of November, 1963. A time of change. The old guard are being swept away by the white heat of technology. Political scandals are the talk of the town. Britain tries to maintain its international role; fanatics assassinate charismatic politicians and Group Captain Ian Gilmore is trying to get his fledgling Counter-Measures unit off the ground.

When his life is saved by a familiar umbrella-bearing figure, he knows something terrible is going on.  Whilst Rachel investigates an enigmatic millionaire and Allison goes undercover in an extremist organisation, Gilmore discovers a sinister plot with roots a century old.

The Doctor and Ace are back in town. A new dawn is coming. It’s time for everyone… to see the Light. (more…)

Enemy Mine

Big Finish Folly, Part 138 – Terror of the Sontarans, by John Dorney and Dan Starkey

Terror of the SontaransThe Tardis materialises on an abandoned mining & research installation on an inhospitable planetoid deep in the middle of nowhere. But the place isn’t as abandoned as it first appears – a motley assortment of prisoners have been locked up in cells below the surface, and when Mel accidentally winds up locked in with them, the Doctor must find the controls to release her. But who locked these people up, and why? And what has driven the jailer mad? Field-Major Kayste has come to find out – and nobody will like what he discovers… (more…)