Month: March 2016

Flat Pack Panic!

Big Finish Folly, Part 137 – The Warehouse, by Mike Tucker

The WarehouseIn the aisles of a vast orbital warehouse lurk all kinds of beasties and dangers – giant rat-like aliens, spores of terrifying mould, assistants detailed to a permanent stock count, a sinister supervisor… and a strange blue box that you can’t normally buy off the shelf. The Doctor should be taking in an opera, but instead he’s trying to work out why slot A doesn’t fit into flange B… (more…)


Economy of the Daleks!

Big Finish Folly, Part 136 – We Are The Daleks, by Jonathan Morris

We Are The DaleksIt’s 1987, and Britain is a boomtown economy! Yet there’s trouble afoot – deep in the heart of Bradford, an electronics factory has been taken over by mysterious new owners who are pumping out a massively advanced computer game called Warfleet. And in London itself, reclusive entrepreneur Alek Zenos is offering Britain a New Deal with his equally mysterious business partners. Actually, not that mysterious – but utterly terrifying: the Daleks want to give the Conservatives an economic miracle? We’re doomed… (more…)

Um… Pompeii?

Big Finish Folly, Part 135 – The Fires of Vulcan, by Steve Lyons

The Fires of Vulcan1980 CE. Italy. An archeological dig uncovers an unlikely artifact buried in the ruins of Pompeii. UNIT investigates and calls in its special advisor…

79 CE. Italy. The Doctor and Mel arrive on the bustling streets of a Roman town. The Doctor doesn’t want to be here, but he knows he cannot leave. He knows what will happen next, because he has already seen the results, two thousand years in Earth’s future. The web of time must not be broken. And Pompeii, and all who dwell in it, must die… (more…)

I Have Always Been Here Before

Big Finish Folly, Part 134 – Flip-Flop, by Jonathan Morris

Flip FlopThe year is 3090. The place is the colony world of Puxatornee. The alien Slithergees are a minority population, fearful of oppression by the world’s human inhabitants and yet somehow holding the balance of power. A dissident faction of humans is making life difficult for President Bailey, and she must stamp them out to appease the humble and oh-so-oppressed Slithergee. In particular, she must stamp out the Doctor and Mel. Which comes as news to them as they have only just arrived on Puxatornee. Or have they just left? Or is it even more complicated than that? This time there really are two sides to the story – and that’s not good news for anybody…

Beware: spoilers will happen below the cut. (more…)