Month: January 2016

Hungry Like The Wolf

Big Finish Folly, Part 103a – The Red House (Last Adventure: 2), by Alan Barnes

The Doctor and Charley arrive on an island populated by werewolves. But these are not your normal, garden variety werewolves – oh no, this is an endangered species. And the Doctor’s presence, coupled with the sinister machinations of Doctor Pain in the Red House on top of the hill, just made their life expectancy that much shorter… (more…)


Destination Regeneration

That latest trilogy with new companion Constance Clarke leads naturally into the first story in the box set that details the Sixth’s Doctor’s previously unseen regeneration into Sly Seven. I was in two minds about covering this as part of the Folly but, well, in for a penny, in for a pound, so to speak. It’s not like the chronology isn’t already complicated beyond comprehension – the Sixth Doctor is splattered all over the vortex like an n-dimensional Jackson Pollock. What I’ve done is try to locate each piece of this particular box set in appropriate parts of the timeline, with varying degrees of success. You can judge my efforts against¬†those, in a more complete fashion, of Craig Brawley in the (somewhat elitist) Big Finish Listeners group on Facecrack.

But, on with the show!

Big Finish Folly, Part 106d – The End of the Line (Last Adventure:1) by Simon Barnard & Paul Morris

The Sixth Doctor - The Last AdventureThe 8.15 is late. As usual. But in an infinite universe, with infinite possibilities, somewhere there’s an 8.15 that made it on time. But that means there’s also an 8.15 lost in deep fog, onboard which the passengers are busy killing each other… Guess which 8.15 the Doctor has just found… (more…)

Snow Fun

Big Finish Folly, Part 106c – Shield of the Jotunn, by Ian Edginton

Shield of the J√∂tunnWhen a blast of artron energy brings the Tardis to Earth in 2029AD, the Doctor finds snowstorms and a Viking burial mound in Arizona. But all is most definitely not what it seems here – behind the nano-tech environmental control experiments of Dr Hugo Macht is a piece of technology that, rather than helping to save the world, could end up destroying it. It’s up to Constance Clarke and the Doctor to work out the story of the Shield of the Jotunn – and to hold back an eternal winter if they can… (more…)

Rise of the Raj!

Big Finish Folly, Part 106b – Planet of the Rani, by Marc Platt

Planet of the RaniNever one to knowingly read his own mail, the Doctor isn’t aware that old foe The Rani is – after a century in prison – up for parole. His presence is required at the penitentiary on Teccaurora. But when the Doctor and Mrs Clarke arrive onsite, they quickly realise that The Rani has been waiting for them. For decades. She wants to return to her experiments on Miasimia Goria – and she wants to use the Doctor’s mind to fuel her return… Miasimia Goria will never be the same again… (more…)