Month: December 2015

The Constance Reader

So, we’re back off hiatus. The break was due to a number of things mounting up – not least of which was the launch of my own epic fantasy novel (available now in paperback and e-formats, I’ll have you know), appearances at conventions around that, and dealing with a few other non-Who issues besides. On a more related note, my stubborn and frankly quixotically stupid desire to run this review blog in as strict a chronological order as possible hit a serious brick wall at the crossover point between the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. The release schedules meant that pressing ahead would have seen reviews jumping back and forth between the Sixth and Seventh Doctors; rather than do that, I decided to wait until all the Sixth Doctor releases featuring new companion Constance Clarke were made available, piling up Seventh Doctor reviews in the meantime. On the plus side, this does mean I have more than a few lined up and ready to go.

Big Finish Folly, Part 106a – Criss Cross, by Matt Fitton

Criss-CrossAnd here we go with the first! And yet another new companion for the Sixth Doctor! It’s 1940s Britain, everybody’s off to war, and in the bleak, cold huts of Bletchley Park, an inhuman intelligence directs operations, desperately trying to decode enemy signals. While MI6 agents close in, Mrs Constance Clarke finds herself roped into the search for Agent Spark. Soon, she’ll be transported onto a German submarine, battle against an alien waveform, and mix with double agents. But it’s the inhuman intelligence at the heart of Bletchley who might be able to help find her missing husband – an inhuman intelligence called… The Doctor. (more…)