Still on hiatus…

…but breaking cover to vent at the antics of people who think they have an automatic right to be able to own something without paying for it. Yes, I’m talking about pirates.

Now, I won’t embarrass the persons concerned by naming them here, but you can probably find the latter half of the conversation if you look hard enough on Facebook. (The first half of the conversation was deleted from the group in question along with the user who made the initial request).

As a moderator of this particular BF group, I figured I was right to remind folks of the rules the group owner had set up. No piracy. No links to piracy. No requests for piracy. Respect the copyright.

If you believe piracy is a good thing, or excusable in any form, then you need to remember that Big Finish are a business – it costs money to make these plays, and all the people involved need to be paid. Nobody gets paid with good intentions or goodwill. And you have no right to have something *now* just because you *want* it. Toddlers have that attitude.
Grow up, get a job, save up, and pay for the goods yourself, or ask your families to buy them as gifts for you. Don’t expect to get everything in life for free.
Don’t expect to win me over with pro-piracy arguments either – I’m an artist and creator myself, and I don’t do it “for the love of it”. I expect to be paid for the efforts and time I put into my work.
Last point: if you come across anybody requesting or offering copyrighted material they have no rights to in this group, please report the posts to the moderators, and we will deal with them from there.

Well, there’s always one dissenting voice, and here he is:

The question of copyright and the business of charging for intellectual property is WAY more complicated than this post makes out. I happen to disagree with a number of points in it. But that doesn’t matter, because the question of having a code of conduct for a group is extremely simple.

If the group prohibits discussion about where/how/whether to obtain copies without payment, those are the rules, and people are free to have those discussions elsewhere.

Now, hold on. You have absolutely no problem following the code of conduct of a Facebook BF fan group, yet you protest the actual rule of law – copyright law, contract law, and criminal law? I may be inferring a fair amount from a few sentences of careful hedging, but this chap seems to have a problem with paying people for their work. Which is ironic, given this status update on his profile page….

Wanted: Designer to collaborate on a book kickstarter. Yes, this is a paying gig.

Hmm. Looks like he wants people to pay for his finished work. Funny, that…


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