Month: June 2015

Telos a Story…

We continue the Locum Doctors trilogy, celebrating Big Finish’s 200th Main Range story, with a tale that matches Ol’ Sixey with the classic Troughton-era companions Zoe and Jamie – and with an auld enemy who made several appearances over the course of that era…

Big Finish Folly, Part ℑ – Last of the Cybermen, by Alan Barnes

Last of the CybermenIt’s a gigantic monument – a massive cyber-head, located out in the fringes of known space. Ten years after the end of the great Cyber Wars, Zennox and her team have come to excavate and explore the place. The Doctor has come too, drawn by a message that doesn’t make sense. When he realises the danger he is in, he flees back to the Tardis – but the Doctor Jamie and Zoe are expecting has been replaced by a fiery chap in multi-coloured clothing… (more…)


Seven Minus Three…

At this point I should be diving headlong into the worlds of the Seventh Doctor. But, after the diversion afforded by the recent Fifth Doctor trilogy, there’s another trilogy that needs some attention. This one’s bloody hard to classify and chronologise, however, since the central conceit surrounding Big Finish’s celebration of 200 Main Range releases is that Doctors Five, Six and Seven have temporarily taken the places of their younger counterparts One Two and Three. They have become locums. While it might be easy-ish to place the stories from the point of view of the supporting characters – Jo Grant, Jamie and Zoe, Vicki and Steven – it’s a lot harder to do so for the Doctors themselves. So these stories, while they are obviously officially part of the Folly’s remit, aren’t going to have official numbers.

I think I said, way back in the mists of time, that this was going to be something of a quixotic crusade. How right I was, how right….

Big Finish Folly, Part ℜ – The Defectors, by Nicholas Briggs

The DefectorsCaptain Mike Yates has gone missing. So have the rest of the UNIT personnel – only Jo Grant is left to witness UNIT HQ taken over by Captain Cornelius and his soldiers, all in the name of national security. Fortunately, the Doctor is on hand to make sense of things for her – but it would seem that this little fellow with the hat and umbrella is not quite the Doctor Jo was expecting… (more…)