Month: March 2015

Life On Magrs

We’ve fallen behind again, mostly due to being permanently tired, so it’s just as well that this time there’s two linked plays to offer up. Careful with that arch attitude, Eugene, let’s set the controls for the heart of Paul Magrs…

Big Finish Folly, Part 127 – The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box, by Paul Magrs

The Wishing BeastWhen the Tardis recieves a strange message from an asteroid in the middle of nowhere, the very last thing The Doctor and Mel expect to find is a quaint old cottage inhabited by two elderly sisters who serve up tea and cake, hoover up ghosts, and offer Mel the chance to gain her heart’s dearest wish. Surely there’s something else going on here. And yes, deep in the woods, there’s a terrible beast that is waiting to feast upon the unwary – once it has eaten the Doctor whole, of course… (more…)


Blood Relatives

Big Finish Folly, Part 126 – Thicker Than Water, by Paul Sutton

Thicker Than WaterNeedled into returning to Vilag, three years after the Killoran invasion was defeated, the Doctor has only intended to say hello to his former companion Evelyn Smythe to prove a point to his current companion, Melanie Bush. But where there’s a Doctor, there’s danger – and this time it could be that only the Doctor can save both Evelyn and Vilag itself from a new catastrophe… (more…)

Dimensional Relatives

I’m massively behind on this blog at the moment; this tends to happen when I’m on holiday. But I’m still driving forward through to the end of the Colin Baker era, and there’s not far to go.

Big Finish Folly, Part 125 – Catch 1782, by Alison Lawson

Catch 1782Visiting Mel’s uncle, Professor John Hallam, to join in the centenary celebrations of The National Foundation for Scientific Research, should be little more than a walk in the park for our dynamic duo. But things quickly go wrong as the Doctor spots a time distortion, a time capsule that shouldn’t have been there turns up in the grounds, and Mel herself disappears to visit some strange relations she never knew she had. The real problem is that if she leaves, she might never have been born at all… (more…)