Month: January 2015

Doctorate Who…

Big Finish Folly, Part 122 – The Rani Elite, by Justin Richards

The Rani EliteThe TARDIS arrives in the CAGE – not a trap, but the College of Advanced Galactic Education, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in colonised space. Not a trap. Or is it?

The Doctor’s here to receive an honorary degree in Moral Philosophy. But there’s something rotten at the heart of the Medical Facility. Someone is operating on the students. Someone without a conscience. Someone with access to a Sidelian Brain Scanner – a technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

That someone is the ruthless Time Lord scientist known as the Rani – in her new incarnation. But will the Doctor and Peri recognise the Rani’s hand before her trap is sprung? (more…)


Premature Extermination

Yeah, sorry about that. My title puns have sunk to a new low. However, it does make some sort of sense if you read on…

Big Finish Folly, Part 121 – Masters of Earth, by Mark Wright & Cavan Scott

Masters of EarthThe Highlands of Scotland: bracing air, windswept scenery, terrifying homebrewed whiskey – and the Auld Enemy. With the Tardis sunk in a peat bog, the Doctor and Peri are appalled to discover a crowd lining up to stone a petty thief. The Doctor is even more appalled to realise that he has arrived on Earth in the middle of the Dalek Invasion – an event which he was instrumental in defeating way back in his first incarnation. With his own timeline in danger, he must leave immediately. But the Daleks have other plans, and now the Doctor and Peri must flee the tinpot terrors, avoid robotisation, and get the hell off this planet. Luckily, they have Scotland’s leader of the resistance Moira Brody on their side – but resistance, as the Daleks keep telling everyone, is useless… (more…)

Schrodinger’s Peri

Hard on the heels of his adventures with Flip (as played by Lisa Greenwood)¹, The Doctor sets off to scratch an itch that has been bugging him, more or less, ever since the TV story Mindwarp. Just what did happen to Peri? Did she really marry Brian Blessed? Did they live happily ever after? Do their children also shout like a mountain with toothache? Is Gordon alive?

Ahem. It’s time to find out. Come with us, on the most ambitious and spectacular adventure ever committed to my ipod.

Big Finish Folly, Part 120 – The Widow’s Assassin, by Nev Fountain

The Widow's AssassinIt’s no secret that Nev Fountain writes brilliant adventures for the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Hell, he even wrote The Kingmaker, which put Shakespeare and Richard III firmly in their places. If you’ve heard Peri and the Piscon Paradox, then you might already know what to expect. But, obviously, you’d be wrong. (more…)

Hyderabad, We have a problem…

We’re running late again – apologies once more, but I’ve suddenly got rather more projects on the hob than I realised. Between the day job, the new novel project, editing the current novel project for publication this year, and the forthcoming SFSF Social event, I’ve had precious little time for what is more a hobby than anything else. (It’s also more than a bit off-putting to watch one BF Facebook fan-group, which seems intolerant of people with learning difficulties & autistic identities, slag off the members of another BF Facebook fan-group that doesn’t suffer from that intolerance.)

Anyhow, let’s leave all that aside for now and re-focus on the matter at hand: the grand climax of Flip’s arc with the Sixth Doctor. William Gallagher has written it – he put the poor girl through the wringer last time – what’s he going to do to her this time?

Big Finish Folly, Part 119 – Scavenger, by William Gallagher

ScavengerEarth, 2071. Orbital space is filled with junk – dead satellites, old booster rockets – and it threatens the space programme. The Indian Space Agency is taking the lead in removing that junk, using its new Salvage 2 rocket. Witnessing the events from a space station is photographer Jyoti Cutler – and a couple of uninvited guests and their big blue police box… (more…)