Month: October 2014

Land of Fan-Fic

Big Finish Folly, Part 111 – Legend of the Cybermen, by Mike Maddox

Legend of the CybermenThe Doctor and Jamie have returned to the Land of Fiction – only to find that the Land itself is under siege from a race of beings that detests imagination and individuality: the Cybermen. Somehow, the Doctor must defeat the Cybermen, and find and save the new Queen of the Land of Fiction, before every character in the Hundred Realms is converted or destroyed… (more…)


That Sinking Feeling

Big Finish Folly, Part 110 – The Wreck of the Titan, by Barnaby Edwards

The Wreck of the TitanAfter our brief diversion into other ranges, the Doctor and Jamie┬áreturn to the Main Range, Tardis in tow. Enthusiastic to show Jamie the wealth of the universe again, the Doctor arrives instead on an ocean liner in the middle of the night. The liner’s crew and passengers seem to be elusive ghosts, aside from the First Officer and his girlfriend, and the books in the ship’s library are all variations on a single nautical theme. Nothing is quite real – except, possibly, the massive iceberg sat square in the path of the RMS Titanic….

Ooops. (more…)

Ministry of Night

Big Finish Folly, Part 109 – Night’s Black Agents, by Marty Ross

Night's Black AgentsHaving escaped from Grangemouth, and in search of the Tardis, which has disappeared, the Doctor and Jamie encounter the sinister Reverend Merodach of Lammermoor. Merodach has the Tardis, and he wants the secrets held within it. He will torture the Doctor to gain these secrets, and he will bring all the pain of hell below to bear to get his own way. For Merodach is night’s own black agent… (more…)

Highland Fling

Big Finish Folly, Part 108 – City of Spires, by Simon Bovey

City of SpiresThe Doctor arrives in the Highlands, where the Redcoats are still fighting a brutal war against Black Donald’s clansmen. But there’s something odd going on in this variant Scotland, where the rivers run black, the evil Red Caps tear men to shreds, and the coastal towns have become terrifyingly advanced slave-cities filled with bizarre and dark technology. Wrong-footed, the Doctor needs a friend. And there’s one Highlander in particular he is very happy to see. But Black Donald doesn’t know who this dandified Frenchman is – and a Tardis? What’s one of them, then? Hoots, mon, it’s all kicking off… (more…)


Big Finish Folly, Part 107 – The Trial of the Valeyard, by Alan Barnes and Mike Maddox

Trial of the ValeyardAnd now we return to our regular schedule, ploughing through the last third of the Sixth Doctor’s chronology. This particular “season” of stories is another grab-bag of guest-stars and returning characters like the season┬áthat showcased Frobisher, the Meep, and the brilliantly barking Peri and the Piscon Paradox. Over the next few weeks we’ll go to both Venus and Scotland, as well as cross over into another of Big Finish’s ranges to pick up a couple of likely characters as companions. First, though, we look at the return of the Sixth Doctor’s nemesis, and twisted shadow-self – The Valeyard… (more…)