Month: September 2014

I am not a number…!

The Fifth Doctor Box SetNegative numbers in the navigation equations take the Tardis slightly off-course – to a bleak island off the Irish coast where, with the aid of vacationing students, a monastic cult has been attempting to identify God through mathematics.

No, this isn’t going to end well, whichever way you add it up… (more…)


Ad(ric) Astra!

The Fifth Doctor Box SetWay back at the start of this slightly bonkers endeavour, I had a numbering system. I based that numbering system on the earliest (chronologically speaking) Fifth Doctor play in the Big Finish monthly range – featuring Nyssa only, just after Tegan’s departure in Time-Flight – I did so secure in the knowledge that BF would never get Matthew Waterhouse on board to reprise his role as Adric. More fool me, obviously, as now my numbering system has collapsed beyond repair. Perhaps Adric the maths geek would sympathise. Anyhow, it’s happened: it’s a Fifth Doctor box set featuring Adric, Nyssa and Tegan, it’s dark as hell, nobody’s having any fun, and it’s brilliant – it’s like 1981 all over again! (more…)


Big Finish Folly, Part 70a – Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, by LM Myles, Mark Ravenhill, Una McCormack, and Nev Fountain

Breaking Bubbles and Other StoriesIt’s that time again – the now traditional annual anthology release. Four standalone episodes loosely linked by a common theme. An opportunity to let new writers loose in the main range paddock; a chance to experiment and try new things. This time, it’s the turn of ol’ Sixey and Peri to get the anthology treatment – and so simply for ease, I’m sticking this one hard on the heels of Recorded Time and Other Stories. Let’s go see if it’s any good, eh? (more…)

Love and Viyrans

Big Finish Folly, Part 106 – Blue Forgotten Planet, by Nicholas Briggs

Blue Forgotten PlanetIt’s all come to this. Mila’s stolen opportunity comes crashing down around her, Charley must make the hardest decisions of her life, and the Doctor must know the truth. The truth about both of them, the truth about the dying Earth, and the truth about the Viyrans too…

There’s such a thing as too much truth. And maybe some things really are best left forgotten… (more…)