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Big Finish Folly, Part 61 – Point of Entry, by Barbara Clegg & Marc Platt

A strangely resonant rogue asteroid pulls the Tardis off-course. Master intelligencer Christopher Marlowe hunts an obsidian blade in Elizabethan London, while Spanish diplomat Velez promises him visions of things he will never truly understand. At the moment hell is just a frame of mind¹ – but if the Omnim have their way, all Earth will be hell… The Doctor must make haste if he is to convince Marlowe to see the error of his ways…

Heavens, this is a long and winding play. Marlowe, Aztecs, Sir Francis Walsingham, astral projection, regal impersonations, and an alien race hunting for a new home after they vibrated their own world to pieces – there’s a lot going on here, and the two-act formula makes things drag as a result. Barbara Clegg was previously responsible for The Elite (or at this point will be, as the Elite was adapted later on…) and I was hoping for a story of similar quality here. Point of Entry doesn’t quite make it to that level however. Marlowe is a fine and conflicted character, portrayed well by Matt Addis, and Luis Soto matches him as the demonic Velez, corrupting his loyalties and tearing him from his humanity. No wonder Marlowe was a despairing soul.

But for me the Omnim become one diversion too many. The astral projection portion of the play gives Nicola Bryant a lot more to do, but it makes things drag just a little too much, as does the inclusion of Walsingham himself, who might have been better as an unseen menace. On the plus side, while this was intended to be one of the stories scheduled in the lost Season 23, it doesn’t bear the signs of having aged badly. Marc Platt’s modern update of the storyline keeps it in tune with Big Finish’s standards and so it sits well alongside the likes of Leviathan in this present run.

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¹Yes, I had to add a Marlowe quote somewhere…


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