Stop! Cuddle Time!

Not literally, of course. Unless you really do want a cuddle. In which case, send it with two first-class stamps and a postal order for £3.56, and your cuddle will be in the return delivery.¹

Big Finish Folly, Part 45: Cuddlesome, by Nigel Fairs.

Angela Wisher has several problems. Most of them revolve around her boyfriend – who is, bluntly, a bit wet. But now he’s been savaged by one of his old childhood toys, and she needs a doctor. Here comes one now, demolishing her prized greenhouse in the process…

Originally free with an issue of Doctor Who Monthly, Cuddlesome is a story that has no official placement in the canon. That annoys people like me, who need specific placements for every story. I’ve arbitrarily placed it here, on the basis that it can only really belong either here or in that gap that Omega and The Burning Prince presently occupy. The Doctor is on his own, with help from Roberta Taylor’s character Angela for this story only, as he tries to solve the riddle of the Cuddlesomes – a brand of toy that seems to resemble the much-detested Furby and which have suddenly come to life to savage their past owners. Of course there’s aliens lurking in the shadows, and as Cuddlesome is only 55 minutes long, everything gets wrapped up reasonably quickly.

As an advert for Big Finish’s product (which is essentially what it is) it does its job very well. Naturally enough it must cater to all demographics, so there’s nothing too graphic and very little death or real threat as far as I’m concerned. (I never trusted the damned Furbys anyway.) As far as originality goes, this particular variant of story has been done to death and Cuddlesome adds little to it. I think it’s safe to say that Cuddlesome isn’t an essential story, but it does evoke the Nu-Who era very well and shows what might have been if the Classic series had been forced into standalone 55-minute stories.

¹Not actually true. Send no money.


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