Big Finish Folly, Part 37

No Place Like Home, by Iain McLaughlin

Now Erimem is a fully paid-up member of the Tardis crew, it’s time to show her all the nooks and crannies (and where the secondary control room has moved itself to this week). Unfortunately, the Doctor’s memory is playing tricks on him… or is something else moving the rooms in the Tardis and creating doors that lead only into the Vortex itself? And just who is that goldfish-bowl-headed person lurking in the shadows?

A curio from between the pages of Doctor Who Magazine – this was originally a freebie with that magazine – No Place Like Home is little more than a chance to stretch out with a few silly jokes and several old-fashioned nods to continuity. Most importantly perhaps, it brings the character of Shayde – the faceless agent of the Timelords first featured in the comic strip adventure The Tides of Time – into Big Finish’s continuity, thus establishing a link between the comics and the audio plays. Given that the Doctor was adventuring alone in those stories, it seems he did a hell of a lot while Nyssa and Tegan were in that hotel in Amsterdam…

Back to this play itself – restricted as it is to just over half an hour, there isn’t much time to set up a convincing villain. As a result The Rovie isn’t convincing although the Doctor is definitely careless enough to allow the incident to occur in the first place. From the description of the creature, I had a definite image in mind: small body, large head, circular ears… could the Tardis have been on the verge of becoming the House of the Mouse? Yee0iks!

Diverting, but patchy. Not essential.


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