Month: March 2014

The Prodigal Prodigy

Big Finish Folly, Part 28c – Prisoners of Fate, by Jonathan Morris

Concluding this year’s arc of Fifth Doctor adventures, Nyssa finally confronts the legacy of the virus that first brought her back on board the Tardis (Cobwebs): the crew find themselves pulled off-course to the world of Valderon, where a team of scientists has spent years developing ant-viral treatments with the reluctant help of the planet’s prison population. The team’s leader, Adric, is both surprised and delighted to see Nyssa – after all, his mother has been missing presumed dead for twenty-five years… (more…)


No Mercia

Big Finish Folly, Part 28b – The Lady of Mercia, by Paul Magrs

The Lady of MerciaStaying with the Peter Davison triptych, here’s a twist on the traditional historical adventure. Scientists at the University of Frodsham have discovered a crude method of time travel and plan to use it to bring historical artifacts into the present day to study them close up. Such vortex-meddling of course alerts the Doctor who, under the pretence of attending a symposium on 11th century English queens, moves in to investigate. But if the audience is shown a rogue time machine in the first act, it must neccessarily be fired by the third act – and suddenly Tegan is in mortal danger….. (more…)

Number Five is Alive!

Taking a quick break from our chronological trawl through the Sixth Doctor’s Main Range adventures, it’s time to go back to Peter Davison’s tenure and the latest three chapters of the continuing Nyssa/Tegan/Turlough arc (which began with Cobwebs and was last covered with The Butcher of Brisbane). If these three are going to live up to the standard set by last year’s triptych, they’re going to have to start with one heck of a blast…

Big Finish Folly, Part 28a – Eldrad Must Die! by Marc Platt

After encountering Magnus Greel, the Doctor must do battle with another of his old adversaries – Eldrad of Kastria, last seen falling into an abyss in The Hand of Fear. Of course dying from that sort of height is quite passé these days and no self-respecting villainous megalomaniac would be seen um… dead… yeah. I’ll stop. (more…)

Time For Recorded Time

Big Finish Folly, Part 70 – Recorded Time and Other Stories, by Catherine Harvey, Richard Dinnick, Matt Fitton, and Philip Lawrence.

Some of the most successful Big Finish releases thus far in our epic trawl have been the portmanteau/single-episode collections such as 1001 Nights. Now it’s time for Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor to get in on the act – and fittingly, to provide a final (at time of writing) chronological Main Range outing for Peri Brown. Here are four one-act tales ranging from time-travel paradox to Austen-esque romance, all with colourful twists in the tale… (more…)

Don’t Fear The Reaping?

Big Finish Folly, Part 69 – The Reaping, by Joseph Lidster

Baltimore, 1984. Time for Peri to see how life has moved on without her. Unfortunately, her mother is none too pleased to see her: Peri’s disappearance hastened the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, and Peri herself has turned up just in time to interrupt the funeral of a murdered family friend… (more…)

The Babbling Book

Big Finish Folly, Part 68 – …ish, by Phil Pascoe

...ISHThe dawning of a new, digital dictionary. The Lexicon Lives! But Book, the hologlyphical intelligence behind the Lexicon, has become conflicted – stuck on a single, troublesome suffix. And Professor Osefa, the woman who designed both Book and the Lexicon, has just been found dead. Will the Doctor be lost for words? Will Peri’s vernacular bring proceedings to a grinding halt? What is the Omniverbum? And is the universe ready for lexical transcendentalism? (more…)

Re-record, Not Fade Away

Big Finish Folly, Part 67 – Whispers of Terror, by Justin Richards

A visit to the Museum of Aural Antiquities coincides with a dark plot to “revise” some of the museum’s exhibits. On the eve of planet-wide elections, Beth Pernell wants to use recordings of the now-deceased visionary actor and politician Visteen Krane to prop up her own bid for power. But as strange voices echo around the museum and the bodies begin to pile up, could it be that Visteen Krane is not quite as dead as everyone believes him to be? Pause for the Doctor’s arrival, then fast forward to the action… (more…)

The Real Clone Wars

Big Finish Folly, Part 66 – The First Sontarans, by Andrew Smith

Earth, 1872: The Doctor and Peri almost literally trip over a transmitter beacon on the Moon. “We are here,” it is sending out to the cosmos. But who is “we”? And why have they come to Earth? The Doctor investigates, but Earth may not survive the answer… (more…)

The Planet Assassin

Big Finish Folly, Part 65 – Power Play, by Gary Hopkins

powerplay-forwebChased to Earth by the intergalactic police, The Doctor is forced down near a new nuclear power station. While Peri gets tangled up with the power station’s rather unctuous PR manager, the Doctor bumps into somebody who never thought she would see him again. But far from being delighted by the reunion, old companion Victoria Waterfield just wants to kill the Doctor. And the clock is ticking… (more…)